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After working for one of the nation’s premier audio consulting firms, Russel L. O’Toole, Principal Consultant, formed R&M Consulting to bring highly personalized service to the Chicago area. Known for uncompromising integrity and an ability to easily understand projects from the view of the client, his long-term experience speaks for itself. Some of his past projects include the following:

  • Houses of Worship (All Denominations) 
  • Metra Rail (Chicago)
  • National Football League Stadiums  
  • Major League Baseball Fields
  • College and University Performing Arts Centers
  • Courtrooms & Fortune 500 Corporate Headquarters
  • Educational Facilities (Gymnasiums & Auditoriums)



Russel L. O'Toole   

Mr. O’Toole began his career in communications as a central office Communications Technician for AT&T in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 1970 Russel accepted a position as Engineering Associate in the Central Region Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. During the next 18 years he was a specification writer and engineering troubleshooter for the installation of telephone office equipment.                   


In 1985, Russel became a first-level supervisor directing a group of engineers designing new digital central offices, pioneering some of the very first implementation of fiber optics in telephone test rooms. Later assignments included planning multi-million dollar annual Central Region construction programs.

Audio Electronics, a sound contracting firm that successfully provided cost-effective sound system installations for Houses Of Worship and schools, was started in 1972. Building his business on integrity, he also worked with a number of AM/FM broadcasters providing studio and transmitter maintenance.



Total experience in project management and construction processes uniquely qualifies R&M Consulting to provide clients with a common-sense approach to technical system and facility design resulting in projects that are completed on time and within budget constraints.

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