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5 Reasons System Installers Don't Provide Documentation

Systems installers should automatically present simple but accurate Documentation and Manuals to venues with the completion of an installation, but they seldom do. Here are 5 reasons they are not furnished.
1-  Some systems contractors don’t feel it’s really necessary.
     Warning! They’ll try to convince you too!
2-   It requires diligence, persistence and precision to present
     accurate documentation of your system. Contractors that do
     sloppy work, can get the job done quickly and cheaply, but
     you’ll have a nightmare diagnosing and correcting their mistakes.
3-  They might not have the skill/experience to actually assemble
     manuals. It takes precision to assemble accurate manuals to
     leave you in control.      
4-  Systems Installer companies don’t supply documentation
     because they are afraid you might hire another company to do
     your maintenance work. 
5-  Churches just don’t bother to ask for them. What systems
     contractors don’t have to provide = added profit. (What's good for
     them is not necessarily good for you!)
    R&M Consulting uses its years of experience documenting everything from Schools to Performing Arts Centers to create organized, easily understood documentation. For a brief discussion of how we can help you, contact us at 815-372-1990.

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