R&M Consulting

4 Reasons You Need Documentation and Manuals

 Here’s a brief list of reasons you need AND should demand Documentation and Manuals from systems integrators and consultants during the bidding process.


  1- Training Present/Future System Operators 

      Properly written Documentation with Manuals provides a quick

      reference for your personnel to take advantage of current

      features to maximize system performance. It saves hours of

      training time.


  2- Rapid, Low/No-Cost Repair   

      Diagnosing problems can take hours and be very costly, both in

      time and money. Proper documentation allows your staff or a

      trained technician to quickly identify and solve most problems.  


  3- Allows Low-Cost System Updating and Feature Additions

      System contractors can use these documents to add new

      components to your system economically and seamlessly.


  4- YOU Control Your System

      The Organization is in control of the system, not a former

      contractor who may or may not still be in business. You     

      decide who has access to your information–NOT JUST THE



With years of experience documenting everything from Churches to Pro Sports Venues, R&M Consulting provides organized, highly legible and easy-to-understand documentation. For a brief discussion of how it can be done contact us at 815-372-1990.

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